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Laque is a full-service branding and creative company that helps visionary companies emphasize their strengths and elevate their brands. With a complete range of creative capabilities, we craft authentic brand experiences that engage and inspire audiences at every touch point.

While tradition labels us an advertising agency, we bring critical thinking, planning and innovative execution to every communications platform. Discover our capabilities.

What We Do

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We’ll help you consistently expand across platforms and social channels, extending your brand’s presence, minimizing costs, and helping you keep your strong reputation.

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We’ve spent the past two decades working on TV, radio, print, and digital advertising. Every script and ad designed is executed with one goal in mind: to increase your return on investment and make you more money.

We believe that compelling communication demands an element of surprise, whether it’s for annual report, brochure, poster, packaging or brand identity. we’re prepared to run through a dark room clutching lit fireworks. fingers grow back, and great work lasts forever.

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We’ll help you expand into global markets, increase traffic, boost customer engagement, and elevate brand awareness. Supercharge your outreach by tapping into social influencers ready to create buzz.

Motion Design

This simple motion flow tells the story of community, compassion, belonging, and unity. A short animation can evoke many emotive and empathetic reactions with your readers and viewers.

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